Sculpture collection worth EUR 2.23 million going for sale at Bukowskis

Jay Gory
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EUR 2.23 million - That's the estimated value of a major sculpture collection that was once owned by Throne-Holst family. Family behind the Swedish chocolate brand Marabou. And as such, the name of the collection is The Marabou Collection.

The art was collected by Henning Throne-Holst as well as his son Johan Throne-Holst in belief that art could be used to improve the lives of the work force at their work place.

The collection, like not many others from 19th and 20th century, is greatly documented. "Today, when there's been an increase of value for art, buyers want to be sure about what they are buying. In this case, the documentation links right back to the creation of the work, which is very rare, " says Julian Barran, independent expert for nineteenth and twentieth century European art.

Among other invaluable bronzes going for sale as part of the collection, is "Le Penseur" by Rodin. According to Jérôme Le Blay from the Comité Rodin, Paris, there are only ten casts of "Le penseur" from the period, at least the ones that we know about.

The sale of the Marabou Collection will be taking place during Bukowskis Classic Sale in Stockholm, on December 4.

Anna-Karin Pusic, head of Bukowskis' art department sees the opportunity to sell this collection as a historical privilege. "These are unique objects that have never before appeared in the international auction market. It is a great honour for us," she said.

Bukowskis have conducted some of the greatest auctions in the past as well, including the collection of King Charles XV and the estate of Master director Ingmar Bergman.

Other lots, besides "Le Penseur" by Rodin, to be sold at the auction, include "L’enfant prodigue" by Auguste Rodin, "Amphore de Muse" by Jean Arp, "Pair of sitting figures" by Lynn Chadwick, "Apollon" by Charles Despiau, a Ganesh figure, ( India, 11th century), "La Banderole" by Henri Laurens, "Silvatica" by Eric Grate, "La jeune fille agenouillée" by Aristide Maillol, "Emy" by Giacomo Manzu, "Radar No 2" by Arnaldo Pomodoro, "Guscio" by Giò Pomodoro, and "Hibou" by Francois Pompon.

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