Saving money on travel before going travelling

Siim Einfeldt
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I wanted to say I travel a lot, because have lately gone abroad 2-4 times a year, but then I was brought back to earth by the thoughts about my friends. One of whom sort of travels every week for work, the other ones travels from country to country every year 4-6 months. He's 70 years old! So, I digress.

But even from my minimal travel experiences, there are many ways you can save from your travels even before you actually go travelling. And by saving, you actually end up keeping more money for the beer on the trip, or towards your next trip to destination XY.

Here are a few recommendations I would like to share:
- If you need to change currency, NEVER exchange the currency in bus stations, at the airports, at places where they promote themselves with NO CONVERSION FEE. In most cases, when exchanging EUR USD for example, you can lose anywhere between 10-30cents per dollar. So change the money elsewhere (good recommendation, isn't it?).
- If you're travelling with luggage, don't travel with discount airlines. With a bag it often makes more sense to use more expensive ones instead. Depending on your needs, you could also use Send My Bag for shipping more of your stuff. Sometimes it's also simply a lot easier to just use a shipping company for your bags, especially if you have more of them, as they would be delivered to the final address and you wouldn't have to wrestle with them at the airport.
- If possible, don't book a one-way, but a return-trip. Depending on an airline you might win a lot. For example with Lufthansa, a one-way trip might cost you an arm and a leg (well, EUR 650 or something) while booking a return trip with them for the same route might only cost you EUR 250.
- If you travel more often than once a year, find an insurance provider that can offer you not insurance per trip, but per year. Which, at least in case of my insurer, means that I can make as many up to 90-day trips during a year as possible. Funny thing - the price is the same as it would be for just for one trip. Or VERY similar.

For more comprehensive travel saving ideas check this out.

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